Elections 2021: What is a PCC and will I be voting for one in Cumbria?

Credit: ITV News

In a year that has seen the police deal with enforcing Covid-19 rules, it seems there's never been more at stake in the race to see who the Police and Crime Commissioner is for Cumbria.

Matthew Taylor has been looking at the candidates hoping to be selected for the job.

What does a Police & Crime Commissioner do?

They were first introduced in 2012 and the second round of elections was four years later.

Nearly every police force has a Police and Crime Commissioner who oversees how they work and represents the local community.

They appoint the Chief Constable and hold them to account. They set the budget and monitor how the force performs.

The election for the PCC for Cumbria will be on Thursday 6th May.

Who is standing for Police and Crime Commissioner in Cumbria?

  • Loraine Birchall - Liberal Democrat

  • Barbara Ann Cannon - Labour and Co-operative Party

  • Peter Joseph McCall - Conservative and Unionist Party