Scottish Election 2021: The candidates for the South Scotland regional list

South Scotland regional list candidates. Credit: ITV News

We're looking at the election contest for the South Scotland regional list. That's the second vote you cast for a party or independent candidate on the peach ballot paper. 

Seven MSPs are elected for the region and one of the key challenges in the area is transport. Matty Sutton reports.

Here's a full list of the parties you can vote for in the South of Scotland region. 

  • Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party

  • Alba Party

  • All For Unity

  • Freedom Alliance

  • Independent Green Voice

  • Reform UK

  • Scotia Future

  • Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

  • Scottish Family Party

  • Scottish Green Party

  • Scottish Labour Party

  • Scottish Liberal Democrats

  • Scottish Libertarian Party

  • Scottish National Party

  • UK Independence Party

  • Vanguard Party

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