Sabrina Verjee: Wainwright record attempt postponed due to 'brutal' weather conditions

Sabrina Verjee and friends battle atrocious weather on day four of her Wainwrights round. Credit: Steve Ashworth

A vet from Cumbria who is attempting to break the overall record for running all 214 Wainwrights has paused her challenge.

Ultra-runner Sabrina Verjee left her home in Langdale early on Friday morning with a goal of finishing the round in under six days. But 'brutal' weather conditions on the fells has forced her to postpone the run.

Her support team said: "We can confirm that, after a day and night on the Wainwrights in brutal conditions with her great support runners, Sabs has stopped and is resting. She is well."

It's the second time Sabrina has taken on the challenge. Last year she completed the run in under seven days but, due to a knee injury, she was forced to accept help during some of the descents.