Cumbria's Covid-19 infections down to last summer's levels

Covid-19 infections are down to levels previously seen last summer according to the Cumbria's Director of Public Health.

Just 42 new coronavirus cases were recorded in Cumbria in week ending 30 April, down from 59 the previous week.

The number of patients being admitted to hospital in Cumbria also remains low.

Cumbria's Director of Public Health says the latest figures are 'hugely' encouraging, but asks people to remain cautious.

Colin Cox said: “I continue to be hugely encouraged by the latest data. We’re on the right track and if this carries on then I fully expect restrictions will be lifted in line with the Government’s roadmap.

“I of course remain cautious. We’ve seen infection rates at this level during last Summer and we all know what happened next. With the continued success of the vaccination programme however the context has certainly changed.

"We all just need to keep doing the simple things – washing hands, using masks, maintaining distance, meeting outdoors, getting vaccinated and keep up with the regular testing – and I’m hopeful we can get back to something very close to normal soon.”