Results: Scottish Conservatives hold Dumfriesshire

Oliver Mundell secured a majority in Dumfriesshire.

The Scottish Conservatives have held the marginal seat of Dumfriesshire.

Oliver Mundell, who won the seat in 2016, significantly increased his majority to 4,066, increasing his share of the vote by 10%.

The SNP had believed their candidate, Joan McAlpine, could cause an upset, and she increased her share of the vote by 4%, but still fell well short.

Scottish Labour's vote collapsed, dropping by 14%.

Full results:

  • Oliver Mundell - 19,487

  • Joan McAlpine - 15,421

  • Colin Smyth - 4,671

  • Richard Brodie - 1,314

Cutting through the heart of the south of Scotland, Dumfriesshire takes in Nithsdale, Annandale and much of the town of Dumfries itself.

Significant issues include a rural economy which has struggled in recent years, coupled with an ageing population. 

Connectivity is a longstanding issue, when it comes to both transport and broadband coverage, while constitutional arguments also dominate.

Brexit has had a significant impact on many of the region's businesses, including farmers and fishermen, and when it comes to independence Dumfriesshire returned one of Scotland's biggest pro-union votes in 2014.

As campaigning got underway for the 2021 election, the SNP knew they faced a tough challenge to take the seat from the Conservatives, but were confident they could do so.In the end they fell short, and this key constituency at the heart of the south of Scotland remains blue.