Lake District businesses say Covid and Brexit have caused recruitment crisis

Businesses in the Lake District say coronavirus and Brexit has left them facing a recruitment crisis.

They say many European workers who could have remained in the UK are now deciding to stay in their home countries.

Unemployment has risen in the Lake District by 324% in the last year, but as it was so low to start with it is still below the national average. South Lakeland currently has the highest rate of furlough in England.

Colin Fox from English Lakes Hotels says it is proving difficult as businesses in the area are looking to recruit.

The staffing issues have pushed salaries up, with some businesses advertising bar jobs at £12 per hour which equates to £28,000 a year, but not all businesses can compete with that.

The industry employs 65,000 people. Employers are now having to find new ways to bring workers in and house them.

Indoor hospitality opens on Monday 17 May, with businesses hoping they will be able to resolve employment issues before it has an impact.