Covid: Cumbrians urged to minimise travel to Lancashire and Greater Manchester after cases double in week

Cumbrians are being urged by health officials to minimise travel to Covid hotspots after the number of cases recorded in the county rose by 88%.

The call comes as neighboring counties, Lancashire and Greater Manchester, see a rapid increase in the new delta strain.

Government advice is that people should minimise travel in and out of these areas.

New infections in Cumbria rose by 88%, recording 71 new cases in the last week, with evidence suggesting the new variant is responsible.

The Director of Public Health for Cumbria is concerned that county could also see a rapid increase in infections unless people take action.

Colin Cox, Cumbria’s Director of Public Health, said: ““New infections are concentrated in the younger age groups, those less likely to have been vaccinated.

"While younger people tend to be less badly affected by the virus, if large numbers become infected because this new variant is more contagious, then we could start to see hospitalisations rise again."

Mr Cox stressed the 27% national rise in number of coronavirus hospital admissions in the past week.

He said:“We have an opportunity now, it is not inevitable that there will be third wave in Cumbria, but this is the time for people to take stock and think about the things they can do to protect themselves and prevent infection spreading.”