Catch up with the latest episode of Representing Border: Thursday 10th June

On tonight's programme - claims that a second exams crisis is looming as the First Minister faces more tough questions on school assessments.  The Scottish Tory leader tells Nicola Sturgeon it's the same shambles as last year, just more sleekit. The First Minister insists pupils won't have their results downgraded because of past performance, and this year's arrangements are a world away from last years. Also on the programme, we report on a Commons grilling for Matt Hancock as the English Health Secretary denies he lied about COVID. But when will Holyrood's Committee system be back to hold Scottish Ministers to account? Peter MacMahon puts that question to this week's commentators - Joyce McMillan of The Scotsman and Alex Massie from Times.  Plus team Holyrood backs team Scotland. Party leaders line up to send best wishes to Steve Clark and his squad ahead of Euro 2020

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