Carlisle man flies Hurricane to honour WW2 hero uncle

  • Video report by Tom Savvides

The nephew of an RAF Hurricane pilot from Carlisle who was killed during the Battle of Britain has paid tribute to his fighter ace uncle, by taking to the skies.

27-year-old Ian Muirhead was shot down over Kent in 1940.

David Carruthers went down to Biggin Hill from Cumbria to honour his uncle, Flight Lieutenant Ian Muirhead. He was lucky enough to be able to fly a vintage similar to the one his uncle would have flown in the Battle of Britain, as part of the run up to Armed Forces Day on Saturday.

Flight Lieutenant Ian Muirhead's plane was shot down on three separate occasions during the war - the third attack ending his life.

After the flight, David Carruthers was taken to the spot where his uncle died - where a memorial was built recently.