Luxury holiday let in Cumbria will set you back £30,000 per week

A holiday let in west Cumbria can set you back up to £30,000 a week during the most expensive times of the year.

Based in the heart of Cockermouth it features gold toilets from Dubai, poster beds from Welsh castles and chandeliers handmade in Italy costing £50,000.

It also has a hot tub and sauna in what was once the building's coal-hole.

The builders had to demolish two floors above the tub to get a crane in to drop it into place.

Before becoming one of the most expensive holiday lets in Cumbria, it used to be a former church hall.

Some original features remain, such as a plaque noting William Wordsworth studied there when it was a school in the eighteenth-century.

The transformation was led by Manchester-based property developer Jerry Hupper - he spent around £1.25 million in total for its purchase and refurbishment.

The businessman explained how he was drawn to the area as he used to come to Cockermouth as a child. He said: "I absolutely loved it, and felt needed to share it with more people."

So when he spotted the town's former church rooms were on sale at auction, he bought the historic building.

UK holiday accommodation is in massive demand this summer as the pandemic has left a lot of people opting to stay local.

Jerry says there is a growing demand for luxury accommodation in all parts of the UK even when international travel restarts.

He expects wealthy holiday-goers from London and overseas to spend their time in the extravagant home.