Environment group tackles period poverty in Cumbria

Credit: PA Images

A North West group is tackling the environmental crisis and period poverty in Cumbria.

LOVEmyBEACH has provided 3,000 reusable and plastic-free period products to homeless support teams and other people in need in Cumbria.

Anya Kuliszewski, LOVEmyBEACH Officer for Morecambe and Cumbria, said: “The last 18 months has been a struggle for all of us, but there are some of us who are struggling more than others.

"Our work is focused on the environment, but period poverty is also an important issue faced by many women across the region, so we wanted to do something to help.

"Through this campaign and delivering these free, reusable products, we are able to tackle both issues, so it’s a win-win!”

The campaign aims at reducing the amount of plastic entering the ocean by encouraging people to use plastic-free and reusable products.

A woman will typically use:

The campaign says that this works out on the average woman spending around £1,200 on these products.

The group warns that these products can end up in the ocean.

Ms Kuliszewski added: “Many people don’t realise that most period products and wet wipes contain plastic and can find their way to the sea if we flush them.

“By using reusable or plastic-free products we can save tonnes of plastic from entering the ocean, harming the environment and wildlife.”