Pubs across the region gear up for a day of much-needed trade as England head into Euro Final

  • Report by Fiona Marley Paterson

Pubs across the region are gearing up for a busy day of much-needed trade tomorrow as England head into a Euro Final for the first time since 1966.Whether England brings it home or not, pubs hope the Euro final will bring customers out of their homes.

Phil Walker from The New Union in Kendal added "especially to us we've been showing every single game outside at the moment only to make sure that we've got enough staff as well to be able to serve people out there at the moment and every table's been full for every single game, it's just been an absolutely brilliant boost to the economy for us.

"It does massively help, it can sometimes affect different nights because people are coming out on a Wednesday and a Saturday or Sunday instead but you know it kind of evens itself out and it's been really positive. It's been a really nice crowd that we've had in here as well. And let's hope we go out and win it tomorrow, apparently Southgate's bringing it home."

The British Beer and Pub Association predicts:

In the New Union in Kendal? Phil predicted: "I would like to think that we'll be on 300-400, maybe 500 pints quite easily. That would be my minimum estimate, but we could be up there 600/700 pints and then who knows what happens if everyone wants to continue the celebrations on Monday as well, which could happen at the moment, you know there is the rumours of the bank holiday or allowing people to have a bit of a day off on the Monday if the boys win it.

"We may then see a victory parade at some point and there'll be people wanting to come who may not be able to get to where those locations are, who still want to watch an event like that, you know."So businesses hope it doesn't just come home, but comes to Cumbria.