Warning for Lake District visitors to park responsibly too allow access for emergency vehicles

  • Video from Jodi Murdoch

There are calls for people visiting the Lake District to park responsibly.

A number of pictures have been posted online, appearing to show cars abandoned on narrow country lanes.

Others show tourists parked on double yellow lines.

Cumbria Police have taken to social media to urge people to respect the countryside to avoid blocking roads.

Over the weekend, mountain rescue vehicles and ambulances struggled to drive along Borrowdale valley. which could stop ambulances from getting to emergency call outs, costing lives.

In a tweet the force said: "If you are in Cumbria this weekend please use dedicated parking facilities and not abandon vehicles or cause obstruction."

Meanwhile Allerdale Police condemned the actions of one driver who's 'selfish parking caused large tail backs, cancelled buses and blocked ambulances at Borrowdale Valley'.

Allerdale officers say the situation improved 'slightly' on Sunday, with fewer parking tickets issued to drivers who had left their cars in inappropriate places.