Emergency services in Cumbria warn public to be careful when open water swimming

Emergency services in Cumbria are urging the public to be careful when swimming in open water.

The warning comes after a teenage boy died in the River Eden after getting into difficulty while swimming at Rickerby Park in Carlisle, and the continuing searches for a man in his 30s from London who went missing when swimming at Crummock Water this weekend.

As the warm weather continues more people are heading to rivers, lakes and beaches and officers are urging people not to go swimming alone, and not to drink alcohol before going into the water.

The 3 main types of water-related accidents dealt by the Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service are:

  • Rescue of people who didn't intend to go in the water

  • Rescue of people who were in the water intentionally and get into difficulty

  • Rescue of people who intentionally enter the water with the intent to harm themselves

Head of Community Safety, Craig Drinkald said: "Our county has lots of beauty spots near the water and they are especially nice to enjoy when the sun is shining.

"We don't want to spoil people's fun by telling them not to jump into rivers and lakes, but we do feel it is important to educate the whole community about the risk open water poses if you are not a trained professional with the correct equipment."

If you spot anyone in trouble in the water, call 999 right away.