Borders charity launches two new beach wheelchairs to help less-abled people enjoy the seaside

  • Video report by Jennifer Cordingley.

A charity in the Borders that focuses on sustainability and accessibility has gained two new beach wheelchairs to help less-abled people enjoy the seaside.

The group ‘Sea the change’ has been raising money for all-terrain wheelchairs, to help people access the beach who would normally have to sit on the boardwalk or carpark.

Michael Henriques has been one of the users of the new wheelchairs. He said: "Beaches and anything with a different terrain and a different ground, I start struggling.

"It's a feeling of freedom, pushing myself along and to get this close, to almost touch the water, it's been a long time.” 

Michael’s sister Cynthia Elizabeth Quixano Payman said: “To see him take off, have a good time, it's so lovely and so important for the spirit to be by the sea and have a fantastic time.”

Unlike traditional wheelchairs, these chairs have large, inflatable wheels to manoeuvre over the sand.

Paul Thompson from Sea the Change said: “People are having staycations and they want to come to the beach, bring their whole family to the beach irrespective if they have a disability or not, it's only right they have the ability to access the sea, access the beach and that's what it's all about.”

Sea the change hopes to continue to improve facilities for wheelchair users at the beach, ensuring everyone can enjoy a day at the seaside.