Lake District monkey who spent lockdown alone finally gets to meet his new mate

A monkey in the Lake District who had to spend most of lockdown alone has met his new partner today.

Mr Spencer is a cotton top tamarin - an extremely rare species because of deforestation in their native Colombia - and Covid-19 travel restrictions had prevented his new mate joining him at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis in Milnthorpe.

The park's owners though have now been able to bring them together.

In addition, the zoo has also collected two new additions, a pair of Scottish wildcats.

Chris Lusby, the zoo manager, said:

The future Mrs Spencer has joined the park from Edinburgh Zoo. As the species prefers to live in family groups, a special 'couples retreat' has been built for the monkeys. This will also give visitors a new view of their antics.

Both wildcats meanwhile have come from Camperdown Wildlife Park, near Dundee.

They are the most elusive and endangered carnivore and a completely separate species from family cats. They can be up to twice as big, with marked, thick coats, long-ringed tails and a wild nature to match.

This species is extinct in England and Wales and critically endangered in Scotland. The pair brought to Cumbria are both female and will be joined by males in the future.

Mr lusby added: