Watch the shocking moment a car nearly collides with a train in the Lake District

New footage shows the moment a "catastrophic" crash was only narrowly avoided after a car drove into the path of an oncoming train at a Lake District level crossing.

Network Rail has released the footage of the near miss at a level crossing on the Windermere branch line at Burneside - which does not have barriers - as a safety warning to drivers.

This car was so close to being struck the camera angle only captures its roof as it drives straight over the tracks.

The incident, which happened shortly after 9am on 29 July, has been described by senior railway staff as one of the closest near misses they’ve ever seen.

ITV Border has spoken to Nicola Uijen,  health, safety and environment director for Network Rail's North West & Central region.

Her colleague, Simon Shipperd, level crossing manager for Network Rail, said: 

These comments were echoed by Chris Jackson, regional director at train operator Northern.

Mr Jackson added that the company would work with both Network Rail and British Transport Police to trace rule-breakers.

Network Rail has reissued guidance on how to use level crossings safely as a driver.

Motorists should:

  • Always be prepared to stop at a crossing.

  • Understand the warnings (lights, barriers, alarms).

  • If the warnings activate, stop – unless it is not to do so.

  • Remain stationary until all the warnings stop.

  • Check that the exit is clear before driving across.

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