Police in Cumbria take part in national campaign against drug driving

Report by Greg Hoare.

Police in Cumbria are taking part in a nationwide campaign against drug driving.

Officers from the constabulary's mobile support group will be part of a week of enforcement, which begins on Monday.

The force will launch an education drive on social media to let people see the lethal consequences driving under the influence of drugs can have.

In 2019, 577 drivers were arrested on suspicion of being over the drink drive limit and 561 drivers for being over the drug drive limit or unfit through drugs. 

Last year though, the number of drivers arrested for drink driving decreased to 437 yet the number arrested for being over the drug drive limit or unfit through drugs rose to 883.

Sergeant Martin Bainbridge from the Mobile Support Group said: “We all know the consequences that drug driving has, but people continue to put themselves and others at risk.

“Everyone who gets behind the wheel needs to take responsibility for their actions, this also includes E Scooters which come under the same laws.

Officers can screen for cannabis and cocaine at the roadside, while they can also screen drivers for other drugs at a police station.

Punishments for people convicted of drug driving crimes include a fine, driving ban and up to six months in prison.

Anyone who causes a death by dangerous driving under the influence of drugs could face up to 14 years in prison.

Sergeant Bainbridge added: 

He also urged anyone with any information on drink or drug drivers to contact the force and for people to make themselves aware of the issue and not get into a car if someone under the influence of either is trying to get behind the wheel.

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall, said:

He added: "If you suspect someone of drink or drug driving please report it to the police."

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