Cumbrian rider proud of signs urging drivers to slow down after horse lost life

A Cumbrian horse rider has successfully campaigned to have signs put up on a road near Penrith showing drivers how to safely pass people out riding.

Francesca Kennedy was severely injured in a crash, in which her horse was killed. The driver responsible admitted careless driving and was today fined £200 and given nine penalty points on his licence.

She and her horse were hit by a car. She was flown to hospital but has made an incredible recovery from her injuries, partially because her horse Bart took the brunt of the impact. He had a fractured pelvis and spine and had to be put to sleep.

Francesca believes that Bart would be proud of the action she has taken following his death.

She said:

PC Norman Black, a collision reduction officer with Cumbria Constabulary, added:

More than a thousand incidents were reported last year with 46 horses killed. That is half the number from the year before, with fewer cars on the road in the pandemic.