Cumbrian police deal with more than 70 road offences in two-week campaign

Officers from Cumbria Constabulary have been tackling speeding in the county.

Police in Cumbria handed out 76 traffic offence reports and the county's force took part in a fortnight-long nationwide campaign.

This saw officers target speeding drivers and others who were being a menace on the roads.

Thirty-six drivers were also reported to court for driving over the road’s limit with officers also verbally warning 54.

A traffic offence report is a penalty notice specifically designed for motoring issues.

Sergeant Craig Hynes from the force's mobile support group said:

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall, said:

He added: “I would urge all road users to drive safely and appropriately – the laws are in place to protect everyone so please do not risk the possibility of accidents and, worst case scenario, fatalities.

“The message is clear: anyone who is caught breaking the law will be dealt with appropriately by the police.”

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