More than 3000 fish rescued from Cumbrian river with low water level

More than 3,000 fish have been rescued from a river in Cumbria after they became stranded because of low water levels.

 Fisheries officers from the Environment Agency’s Cumbria and Lancashire team have carried out the work on the upper River Derwent in Cumbria.

During dry periods of weather officers check this area regularly.

During one of these visits, more than 3,000 fish had to be rescued from small pools after becoming stranded.

These included Salmon Parr, Brown Trout, Eels, Minnows and Stone Loach. They were then rehomed in Derwentwater where water levels remain higher than local rivers even after long periods of dry weather.

Sharon Kennedy, environment manager at the Environment Agency, said: 

 “Our teams work around the clock to respond to environmental incidents, including reports of fish in distress. During the summer months Environment Agency fish rescue operations tend to increase as the sunny weather brings not only lower river levels, but also algal blooms that reduce the amount of dissolved oxygen that fish depend on to survive.

Anyone who sees fish in distress can contact the agency on 0800 80 70 60.