Representing Border 02/09/21

On tonight's programme - questions over the Scottish Government's vaccine passport plans. 

Twenty four hours after the First Minister announced proposals to make Scots prove they've been doubled jagged to get into nightclubs and large events ministers are accused of not consulting with businesses, and failing to explain how the measure will work. 

But Nicola Sturgeon says more details on the scheme will be given before MSPs are asked to approve the plans next week - although it's not yet clear if the Greens will back the move.  Peter MacMahon speaks to the new Greens Minister and party co-leader Patrick Harvie who won't say if he and his colleagues will vote for the plan. 

We report too on protests outside Holyrood on proposals to make it easier for people to legally change their gender. 

And Peter is joined by this week's commentators The Scotsman's Joyce McMillan and Rachel Watson from The Daily Mail.

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