Former Carlisle United youth footballer severely injured in Australia opens his eyes after coma


A former Carlisle United youth footballer who has been in a coma since an alleged attack on his way home from training in Australia has opened his eyes.

Danny Hodgson's parents sent out an update on Wednesday morning (22 September), and say he is still in ICU at Royal Perth Hospital in a critical condition - but they are grateful for this small improvement, and are taking each day as it comes.

Danny Hodgson, 25, who now plays for the Edith Cowan University football team in Joondalup, Western Australia, was allegedly attacked and suffered severe head injuries at a railway station in Perth earlier this month after spending the day with his teammates.A statement from his parents Nicola and Peter Hodgson reads:

"Our Danny has opened his eyes in the last few days but is still in ICU at Royal Perth Hospital in  a critical condition.  

While we are grateful to see some small improvement in Danny’s condition the future is  uncertain and we must keep travelling this journey day by day, sometimes hour by hour.  

Danny is experiencing breathing difficulties and an infection and blood clots remain a  constant threat.  

As a family with Danny’s girlfriend Jess it is very important we remain grounded and realistic  about his condition and the future.  

We are eternally grateful for the expert medical care and support from the team at the Royal  Perth Hospital ICU.  

Please keep Danny in your prayers Western Australia.  

He will need every ounce of strength and iron will to keep fighting over the next few days."

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