Dad thanks 'superhero' volunteer mountain rescue team who saved his 11 year old son on Scafell Pike

A father whose injured son was saved on Scafell Pike by mountain rescue volunteers says he can't thank them enough.

Zack Hockey suffered a head injury after losing his footing while making his way down England's highest peak.

Zach's father Garry says he doesn't know what would have happened without the bravery of those who came to help them.

Garry said: "Myself and Zack we call them real life superheroes. We were in a moment of need, of panic. Being a father seeing his young son have that sort of fall, I wouldn't wish that on anyone."

Emergency services arrived within 30 minutes to airlift Zack Hockey and his father to hospital after the youngster fell while descending England's highest peak.

Zack and his father were airlifted to hospital

'Amazing people'

Zack and his family, from Watford, were in the Lake District on holiday at the end of August.

Early on a Sunday morning, Zack and his family equipped themselves and set off to walk up the 3,200 foot Scafell Pike. 

Zack and his father Garry describe themselves as "very sporty" and were looking forward to completing the challenge.

However, after they reached the summit and were on their way back down the mountain, Zack stumbled and slipped, propelling him at speed down slope.

The 11-year-old fell face down, hitting a boulder with his forehead and was temporarily knocked out. His head started to bleed and swell up.

Zack Hockey

Garry was unable to get signal on his mobile phone at 2,500 feet up the mountain, so they walked down slowly until they could call the emergency services.

Phil Hall from Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team took the call and within half an hour, the Great North Air Ambulance landed in the valley and organised for Zack and his father to be airlifted to the Cumberland infirmary.

At hospital, Zack was given tests and scans and cleared for any broken bones, but was kept in overnight to make sure he did not have a concussion.