Danny Hodgson's parents speak out about 'emotional rollercoaster' as they finally hold their son

  • Footage from 7News

The parents of a footballer from Carlisle who was attacked in Australia have finally been able to visit him at his bedside.

26-year-old Danny Hodgson is seriously ill in intensive care in Perth, Western Australia after being assaulted more than 3 weeks ago.

His mother, Nicola and father, Peter had to isolate in a hotel due to the country's Covid restrictions.

Danny currently plays for the Edith Cowan University football team in Joondalup, Western Australia, and was allegedly attacked and suffered severe head injuries at a railway station after spending the day with his teammates.

They say Danny has now got an infection and a bleed in his brain but that he's able to open his eyes. Speaking on Australian television they thanked people for the support they've received from across the world.

Football teams in the UK and in Australia have been raising money for Danny's recovery since he was injured.

Danny Hodgson is in a coma in Perth, Australia

One club that Danny played for as a boy, Windscale FC in west Cumbria, have added their fundraiser to the pot.

Danny's mum Nicola thanked everyone for their support, saying, I think everyone was just behind us. I think they just knew as any parent would or people who've got children, the agony we were in. And how much we wanted to be beside him and next to his bedside."