Carlisle United bath mats London

The mats were going for £2.99 Credit: Nick Murphy/Twitter

A sports writer was gobsmacked to find the CUFC's logo printed on a set of bath mats - 300 miles away from Carlisle.

Nick Murphy was taking a stroll through Walthamstow in London when he spotted them, up for sale hanging on a rack in a street market.

He posted, "Walking through Walthamstow Market this morning and someone appears to be selling a load of Carlisle United bath mats. Please bear in mind Walthamstow is over 300 miles from Carlisle. I am in absolute bits."

London does have a branch of Carlisle United Supporters Club - which was formed in 1974 and has 300 members. On their website they say "we have coordinated the needs of exiled Blues since 1974, making us the oldest established Carlisle United Supporters’ Club. Our Branch was formed, in and is run from, London, and we have expanded over the years to cover exiled Blues all over the UK, France, Republic of Ireland, Norway, USA, S Korea, Australia, Japan."

Looks like the Blues have loyal fans all over the world!