Pride of Britain 2021: Meet Regional Fundraiser of the Year finalist Sarah Bilko

  • Report by Natasha Potts

It is that time of year again where we celebrate those from our communities who have given their time to raise thousands of pounds to help others.

We've been searching for the ITV Border Pride of Britain Regional Fundraiser of the Year, and have whittled it down to four outstanding finalists

Tonight we hear from Sarah Bilko in Cumbria, who raised £12,000 with a 200 mile cycle round the lakes, and climbing Scafell Pike 100 times.

It was Sarah's work as a physiotherapist that inspired her to set off on her challenge, She raised twelve thousand pounds for charity Movember and male suicide prevention.

Sarah Said, "I do alot of work with male dominated sports teams, it's really really opened my eyes to the issues that men face when being able to open up. They struggle to open up to men but they also struggle to open up to women about their problems because they feel like they need to be a bit more stoic and be a bit more brave for our sake. The intention was to raise a bit more awareness that you don't necessarily need to be stoic for us and we will as women also be supportive towards you if you want to open up."

Sarah climbed Scafell Pike 100 times, the equivalent of climbing Everest 11 times. Credit: Sarah Bilko

On her journey, Sarah spent 12-14 hours a day chatting to fellow hikers to raise awareness: "The longer I spent on the mountain yes it would be more awareness fundraising we hit 12000 in the end but it was about those conversations that we were having and the more time I was spending here the more people I was meeting that were opening up that I was then in touch with and more men that were seeing good things. People who were having those conversations and then going off with their friends and having those conversations."

Sarah's next Fundraising challenge will be a 100 mile open water swim in the Lakes - raising money for Wasale mountain rescue.

The regional winner will be announced during ITV Border's Lookaround 6pm news on Friday 1 October.

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