Injured Borders mountain biker stranded in Switzerland appeals for help with airlift home

  • Report by Alex Iszatt

Family and friends of a Borders mountain biker who's stranded in Switzerland are campaigning for him to be returned home.

Darren Scott, 50, from Galashiels was seriously injured during a wold championship event. His medical costs aren't covered by his insurance - and his friends & family are trying to raise £40,000.

The cyclist was competing in the world championship in Switzerland when he misjudged a corner and had to be airlifted to hospital. Despite internal injuries and two broken ribs he continued the race, and was airlifted to the hospital afterwards.For three weeks the former Scottish masters champion was monitored for internal bleeding, and fed through a tube.It was only after getting over the worst of it that he discovered his insurance didn't cover medical accidents in Switzerland, and he would need to cover his own medical costs - and pay for an air ambulance back to Scotland.Reaching out to his friend, Sean Dohery; who had previously organised a fundraising appeal after he was paralysed following a crash six years ago, a donation page was set up. 

A statement on the 22 Foundation website reads: "The 22 Foundation was set up not only for Sean however to help other friends or like-minded sportsmen. We now find ourselves in the unfortunate situation of having to raise money for Darren Scott who has been critically injured and needs to be repatriated from Switzerland back into a Scottish Hospital."