South Lakeland zoo breeding programme for endangered species welcomes armadillo pups

A breeding programme for endangered species in a South Lakeland zoo has welcomed two new armadillo pups.

Digger and Dumper are hairy armadillos at Milnthorpe's Lakeland Wildlife Oasis.

These two aren't endangered but are still part of important breeding programmes:

  • Grace Jackson, Lakeland Wildlife Oasis Senior Keeper.

Like many zoos, they needed to make up for the lost time when animals couldn't move home during lockdown.

Headkeeper Neil Cook said: "After the worry and upheaval of the last couple of years, it feels like a red letter day for our animals, keepers and visitors."

"Continuing our journey into a positive future for animal conservation and education, watching the antics of these gorgeous new armadillo babies can't fail to put a smile on everyone's face!"

Mr Cook said: "Armadillos typically give birth to twins, so when we spotted nesting behaviours, we all held our breath. Armadillo or human, first-time parenthood can be tricky, so it was vital to maintain total privacy in those first important weeks."

After plenty of private nursery time, the six-week old male pups are on show to the public.