West Cumbria mine: Prime Minister Boris Johnson quizzed by ITV Border on plans

Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared to not realise that the Government he leads will have the final say on whether a new coal mine in Cumbria gets the green light.

He made the error in an interview with ITV Border, where he also spoke about his Government's recent decision on Universal Credit.

 West Cumbria Mining's has submitted an application for a coking coal mine off the coast of Whitehaven. This material is used to make steel.

The plans for Woodhouse Colliery were first unveiled in 2014. In March this year, the government intervened in the process, and announced an inquiry, the public hearings of which ended on Friday.

The planning inspector will now consider their recommendation, with the Government then deciding if the mine will go ahead.

The Prime Minister was asked about the mine and said: "There's a matter for discussion by I believe a local planning authority, they will have to get on and do it, but the UK's record in moving away from coal..."

Our political correspondent Tom Sheldrick reminded him about the call in, to which Mr Johnson responded:

His comments came at the Conservative party conference, which is taking place in Manchester.

He will give his speech to the event on Wednesday.