Ban for Carlisle dog breeder after animals found suffering from 'chronic neglect'

Dogs were found in "squalid" conditions by council inspectors. Credit: Carlisle City Council

A women has been banned from working with animals after inspectors found dogs in her care suffering from "chronic neglect".

Kelly Latuskie, formerly of Carlisle, has been sentenced to 16 weeks in custody - suspended for 18 months - following an appearance at Carlisle Magistrates' Court.

She pleaded guilty to a charge of animal cruelty and three of breaching her dog breeding and dog day care licences. Alongside her suspended sentence, she was also ordered to pay costs of £16,961.83 and a Victim Surcharge of £128.

Inspectors found many of the animals had ear infections. Credit: Carlisle City Council

Her appearance followed an inspection by Carlisle City Council.

Latuskie was licensed to breed dogs by the authority and allowed to have four breeding bitches and to have no more than one litter of puppies on site at any one time. She also held a licence to operate a dog day-care business, where she was allowed to accommodate a maximum of 30 animals.  

Two complaints were received by the council against her, one alleging she was breeding more puppies than she was licenced to and another that she was exceeding the maximum number of dogs allowed at her day care business.

The investigation found Latuskie had registered and sold at least 117 Cavapoo and Cockapoo puppies between 18 June 2019 and December 2020. 

Latuskie did not account for this number and with inspectors searched her home in December 2020. A total of 22 dogs were found in what were described as "squalid dirty conditions".

There were 20 breeding bitches and two stud dogs. Many were suffering with ear infections and dental disease with some in a serious condition. 

The council’s vet said the dogs were suffering from "chronic neglect". None were correctly registered. 

Inspectors also visited the dog-day care business, where records were found to show that the maximum number of dogs on site had been breached and staff were left to supervise more dogs each than good welfare standards recommend. 

The council’s Licensing Regulatory Panel revoked her licence in January. This decision was appealed in May but upheld

Gareth Ellis, deputy leader of Carlisle City Council, praised the work of inspectors.

“Our officers have undertaken a thorough investigation and their outstanding diligence and hard work has resulted in a successful court prosecution.

The court had previously issued a banning order which stops her owning or keeping animals. It also bans her from working in a business involving animals and from dealing or transporting animals. 

She may not appeal to the have this order lifted for three years and can never apply for a licence with a local authority to operate a business which involves animals again. 

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