Poisonous plants wash up on Cumbrian beaches

The plant has been spotted in St Bees (above) and Millom.

Highly poisonous plants have been found washed up on two beaches in Cumbria - and people have been advised to stay away from it.

Hemlock Water Dropwort - also known as Oenanthe crocata and Dead Man's Fingers - has been found on the sand in St Bees and at Millom.

The plants look and smell like parsnips but even a small potion can be fatal to humans and animals.

Millom Coastguard rescue Team has advised people to be extra careful on the beaches.

A spokesperson said:

They added: "We advise people, especially with children and animals, to stay vigilant, avoid this plant and take extra care when visiting the beach."

Earlier this year, there were sightings of the plant on St Bees and at Whitehaven.

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