Cumbrian museum wins national award for bringing exhibits into the digital age

Video report by Ryan Dollard

A popular Cumbrian Museum has won a national award for bringing its exhibits into the digital age.

The Beacon in Whitehaven has been awarded Visit England's 'Best told Story' accolade in recognition of its work bringing interactive displays to visitors, in addition to its more traditional offerings.  

It cost the museum £350,000 to bring in interactive displays and activities that reflect and tell the story of Copeland's rich history as well as showcasing artwork of national importance.

The Beacon museum in Whitehaven is a popular tourist attraction

Staff here say that the new layout is proving a big hit with visitors.

Pamela Telford is the Visitor Services Manager. She said: "The kids absolutely love it because in the digital age they're used to it.

"They can use the touchscreens better than us!"

The award places The Beacon in the company of attractions such as Chester Zoo and Liverpool Cathedral as places recognised by Visit England as outstanding places to visit.

Staff here hope that a raised national profile for the museum will encourage more tourists to come and visit as well as explore West Cumbria's many other hidden gems.

Alan Gillon demonstrates one of the digital offerings at the museum

Alan Gillon is the Learning Manager. He said: "The west coast is open for tourism, we're open for local people as well. We've got so much history that's rich, diverse and unique to the area."

The Beacon will continue to host revealing exhibitions helping people explore history and culture in new and imaginative ways.  

In doing so, it is shining a light on the past through the tools and technology only available today.

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