Emergency repairs in Cockermouth this weekend following heavy rain

Emergency repairs will be carried out in Cockermouth, where part of the river bank has been damaged by flooding.

Extreme weather also damaged one of the town's most historic buildings. The Environment Agency says it wants to reassure people that there's no damage to flood walls close by and there is no increased risk of flooding.

A Spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: “Our flood defences protected over 1400 properties during the recent heavy rainfall across Cumbria and our hearts go out the small number of those who flooded across the county including Cockermouth. We know the devastating impact that flooding can have, which is why protecting people and communities is our top priority."

"Following investigations by the Environment Agency, after a piece of the banking on the River Cocker collapsed in the town, we plan to deliver emergency repair works."

Homes were flooded, roads blocked and trains cancelled after heavy rain battered Cumbria and southern Scotland at the end of October.

In Cumbria, properties were flooded in have been flooded after more than 11 inches of rain fell on the county, according to the Environment Agency.

North of the border, a major incident was declared in Hawick following fears that up to 500 properties could be flooded. Homes and businesses were evacuated as a result.

On both sides of the border there was been heavy disruption on both the roads and railways, with one train operator issued a "do not travel" warning.

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