'A number of shortcomings' led to fatal Cumbrian plane crash, investigation finds

Credit: Air Accident Investigation Bureau

An investigation into a fatal plane crash in Cumbria has found that a number of shortcomings in preparation for the flight contributed to the accident.

David Bolton, from Nottinghamshire, died after the light aircraft he was flying crashed at Troutbeck airfield between Keswick and Penrith last October.

A report from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) says that advice about operating the plane in grass airfields was not followed, and that it's likely the pilot didn't fasten his shoulder harness - which may have meant the accident became unsurvivable

The AAIB said in a statement, "Flying for any pilot is a continual learning process whether they are newly qualified or very experienced. However, newly qualified pilots should be very careful to make sure they fly within the limits of their experience. This accident highlights the fact that thorough preparation is essential for every flight, and accidents can happen if short cuts are taken or good advice is not heeded."