Borders Forest Trust celebrates planting two millionth tree

Volunteers have helped the Trust plant two million trees

A group restoring native woodlands in southern Scotland has celebrated planting its two millionth tree.

The Borders Forest Trust is a charity that was set up 25 years ago to restore native woodland habitats to southern Scotland.

Since 1996 they have been working towards planting trees, restoring peatlands and other natural habitats, enriching the biological diversity of around 31 sq km in the Southern Uplands.

Aims of Borders Forest Trust:

  • creation of substantial new native woodlands and associated habitats

  • expansion of existing native woodlands and associated habitats

  • conservation and enhancement of biodiversity through appropriate management approaches

  • creation of several more large-scale restoration projects for their conservation and demonstration value

  • sustainable economic use of woodlands and associated habitats, compatible with the above

  • increased awareness of the importance of native woodland