Birds culled and precautions in place after confirmed cases of bird flu in Cumbria

Bird flu can be spread to poultry (birds that are farmed to eat, or to lay eggs for human consumption).

Birds have been culled and a temporary protection zone has been put in place near Copeland following confirmed cases of bird flu.

Colin Cox, Director of Public Health in Cumbria, said that the owners of an egg-laying farm near Millom have been dealt 'a devastating blow' after nearly all of their 12,000 birds contracted Avian Flu.

Cumbria County Council says that several precautionary measures have been put in place – including a 3km protection zone, a 10km surveillance zone and the culling of birds at risk of infection.

Investigations are underway as to how the birds got the H5N1 strain, as they had been kept indoors following calls from the Government earlier in the year to restrict bird movements.

Other cases of Bird Flu have been seen in other regions and although there is a low risk to humans, the council has asked that people don't touch dead or dying birds and to call the Defra helpline (03459 33 55 77).