Gamekeeper fined over dead birds of prey in Scottish Borders

The gamekeeper appeared at Selkirk Sheriff Court.

A gamekeeper in the Scottish Borders has been fined over the death of two birds of prey.

Peter Givens, 53, ordered to pay £300 when he appeared at Selkirk Sheriff Court.The remains of the owl and goshawk were found at Cathpair Farm, near Stow, on September 13 last year.Police Constable Steven Irvine, a wildlife crime officer with Police Scotland, said: “These birds had been dead for some time when they were found inside a cage trap normally used to control crows.“Individuals who are responsible for setting these style of traps, which are legal when set correctly and the conditions met, should be checking them regularly as part of the General Licence conditions and at least once every 24 hours to free any birds of prey or other non-target species trapped. 

He dded: "Members of the public have an important role to play in helping us to combat all types of wildlife crime."