Storm Arwen still affects the Borders nearly a month later

Tens of thousands of trees were uprooted in the Scottish Borders by winds of up to 100mph when Storm Arwen hit last month.

Huge parts of the region lost power and water, as cables were damaged by fallen trees

Main roads and paths were cleared as quickly as possible but trees still remain on paths and in fields as the specialists needed to remove them are in high demand.

Borders Forest Trust have said the clean up may still take several months, as it's not just the lack of forestry specialists but the cost of removing trees as well as re-planting new ones. 

Chief executive, Charles Dundas, said that there were two types of tree that fell during the storm, veteran trees that had grown for hundreds of years older and plantation trees, non-native trees that have short roots and are grown for wood. 

He added that everyone was still welcome in the woodlands but warns people to take care and to stick to the paths.