Sturgeon and Ross push Boris Johnson to release Sue Gray report 'in full'

In a rare moment of unity, both the First Minister and the leader of the Scottish Conservatives have urged Boris Johnson to publish the Sue Gray report into Westminster parties "in full".

Nicola Sturgeon said Boris Johnson should release it "immediately, as soon as he receives it".

The First Minister told Representing Border it should be published quickly to avoid arousing suspicions.

However, Nicola Sturgeon argued people "already know" that "Boris Johnson misled parliament".

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives has also pushed the Prime Minister to publish the inquiry "in full".

Douglas Ross, who was one of the first senior Conservatives to call for Boris Johnson to quit, said "the public has been waiting" for the report.

He said it should be released without redactions, apart from "any small legal issues" or the names of "very junior staff".

There has been much speculation over when the report - being compiled by senior civil servant Sue Gray - will be published, when it will be made public and if parts will be removed.

On a visit to Wales this afternoon, Boris Johnson repeated his pledge to publish the full report, and denied attempting to delay its release.