North Cumbria NHS asks for patience as hospital wards stay shut due to Covid and norovirus outbreaks

A number of hospital wards remain closed to visitors across Cumbria due to outbreaks of Covid-19 and norovirus.

Visits across all North Cumbria NHS inpatient units remain by appointment only, however due to the outbreaks, visits have been suspended at a number of wards at Cumberland Infirmary, West Cumberland Hospital and some community hospitals.

North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust has appealed for understanding from the public as staff continue to deal with a huge demand on services.

Nicola O'Reilly, infection prevention matron, said: "When we have an outbreak of any kind on our wards it is normal practice, to suspend visiting to that ward to stop the virus spreading  to other staff,  patients and visitors. Our priority is to keep patients and staff as safe as possible.

"We understand that not being able to visit relatives and loved ones is extremely difficult, but we urge the public to please be understanding and kind to our staff when we explain that visiting is suspended for the ward you would like to visit."

The wards currently closed for visiting are:

Cumberland Infirmary

  • Elm A

  • Larch A

  • Beech C

  • Willow C

  • Maple A

  • Maple B

  • Maple C

  • Maple D

West Cumberland Hospital

  • Ward 3

  • Ward 2

  • Ward 4a

  • Copeland Unit

Community hospitals

  • Keswick Hospital

  • Brampton Hospital

  • Cockermouth hospital

Deputy chief nurse, Georgia Wright, said: "We are genuinely sorry whenever we need to suspend visiting to any ward because we know how much this means to our patients.  Visits from friends and family boost morale and can help speed up recovery. However, we must ensure we do all we can to stop the spread of an outbreak.

"If you call the ward expecting to make a visiting appointment please be understanding for those wards where we have had to suspend visiting. We take outbreaks exceptionally seriously, and will do all we can to contain, manage and bring the outbreak to a close as quickly as we can so we can reinstate visiting appointments."