Cumbrian farmers back campaign to break down mental health barriers in the industry

Still from Farm Safety Foundation promo video
Credit: Farm Safety Foundation/Mind Your Head campaign

Farmers in Cumbria are supporting a national campaign to break down mental health barriers in the industry.

It comes after the Farm Safety Foundation found 92% of UK farmers under the age of 40 rank mental health as the biggest hidden problem facing famers today.

More than a third of farmers in the UK admit to being "possibly" or "probably" depressed according to another industry survey.

Key farming organisations from five countries are now joining forces to support the 'Mind Your Head' campaign to tackle the stigma around poor mental health in the industry and highlight the wealth of support available to those living and working in farming.

Stephanie Berkeley, Manager of the Farm Safety Foundation said: "As an industry, I think it is time we deal with the issue of poor mental health head on. We need to talk about our feelings and let everyone living and working in farming know that it's completely ok to have feelings, good and bad, but it's also important to let them out.

"Life isn't always as it seems, we don't post on social media about the days that we wished we didn't get out of bed or the days we didn't feel like it. Most people feel the pressure to keep up with everyone's 'perfect' life.

"My father always advised me to never judge anyone unless you walked in their shoes, these are words that I live by, as it is important to know what is really going on behind the smile, or even their grumpy demeanour.

"Many living and working in rural communities are suffering and doing so in silence. As an industry, it's time to ease the pressure, stop expecting people to be perfect and start talking openly about feelings with people you trust."