Local charity collaborates with US company to bring jobs to autistic people in Cumbria

The Cumbrian charity will collaborate to get more autistic people into employment. Credit: Triple A Project

Cumbrian charity Triple A, have joined forces with US based James Emmett & Company to bring more jobs to autistic people in Cumbria.

The new initiative ‘Inclusion @’, which was launched in Carlisle in September, will help employers’ source employment recruits from the autistic community.

The Office of National Statistics published data in February 2021 showing that just 22 per cent of autistic adults are in employment.

Triple A is a countywide charity based in Penrith that supports autistic people.

Their Chair of Trustees Sheila Gregory said: “There are many autistic people wanting to work and many companies looking for staff so we want to bring them together."

The new initiative will use disability inclusion strategies already used by James Emmett & Co successfully across the USA with some of its largest employers.

The project will support the potential workers whilst also supporting employers to make adjustments which will allow autistic people to feel comfortable in the workplace.

Tanner Whittaker, Project Manager from James Emmett & Company based in the USA arrives in Cumbria this week to support the international project.

Sheila from Triple A said: “Everyone at Triple A is delighted by our link up with James Emmett and Company.

“They are really respected for the work they do with disabled people in the USA and we want to see something similar in Cumbria.

“This project is unique as it works with the employers to get the offer right, by reducing barriers, as well as with the job seekers.

“We are hoping to see many more autistic people in employment in Cumbria in the near future.”