Near miss as branch crashes through bedroom ceiling during Storm Franklin

210222 Branch comes through man's bedroom ITV Border
Luckily, the man was not in bed at the time Credit: ITV Border

A man in Windermere had a close call when a branch crashed through his ceiling and fell onto his bed.

Storm Franklin has brought high winds to Cumbria, just days after the UK was hit by Storm Eunice and Storm Dudley.

And one man has shared pictures of a near miss, which luckily happened when he was out of bed. And while he wasn't injured, his ceiling will need repairing.

The storm has also caused damage elsewhere in the county.

A branch fell through the roof into a man's bedroom Credit: ITV Border

St Martin and St Mary CofE school in Windermere has been forced to shut its doors until Wednesday (February 23) after its roof was blown off.

Cumbria County Council announced the school was unable to open from 8am Monday morning until 9am Wednesday due to significant damage caused by the overnight storm conditions.

There are no more weather warnings in place but the storm has also caused floods and power cuts.

The school's roof is currently being repaired Credit: ITV Border

There is an ongoing power cut in Windermere, affecting 49 people which is set to be fixed by 10pm.

Travel has also been affected, with Northern cancelling all of its trains this morning, before resuming service later in the day.