A Polish shop in Carlisle has been inundated with donations to send to Ukrainian refugees

The shop has received multiple donations over the last 48 hours Credit: ITV

A Cumbrian shop has been inundated with donations within the last 48 hours to send to Ukrainians.

The Polish Shop Dino in Carlisle is accepting donations and has piles of items ready to send to Poland where thousands of Ukrainians have travelled to following Russian attacks.

Items such as nappies, bedding, clothing, toiletries are being accepted.

They will also be accepting donations to their Dumfries and Maryport shops as well.

The shop posted on their social media urging local people to help. They've asked for clothes, toys and dry food items.

The shop has asked for bedding too be donated Credit: ITV

They said: "We are currently collecting the most necessary items, which we will take to the collection point - OSP Bielsko-Biała Kamenica."

Poland has taken in more than 377,000 refugees so far (Wednesday, March 2) according to the UN and the Polish government says around 50,000 people are arriving every day.

They are also preparing a medical train to transport wounded Ukrainians and have a list of 1,230 hospitals to take them to.