Appeal over length of sentence given to man complicit in dad keeping 'slave' in shed for 40 years

Peter Swailes, who forced a man to live like a 'slave' in a shed for nearly 40 years.
Screengrab credit: Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA).
Peter Swailes was given a nine month suspended sentence

A man who was complicit with his father keeping a man in a shed 'like a slave' for 40 years is facing an appeal over the length of his prison sentence.

Cumbrian man Peter Swailes' sentence has been referred to the Court of Appeal due to being 'unduly lenient'.

Swailes, from Carlisle, was given a nine month suspended sentence after being involved in the exploitation of a vulnerable man for decades.

The Solicitor General has now referred it to the Court of Appeal so they can decide if they think the sentence should be increased.

Solicitor General Alex Chalk QC MP said: "This was a very serious case of exploitation and I wish to express my sympathies to the victim.

"After careful consideration, I have decided to refer Peter Swailes' sentence to the Court of Appeal as it appears to me to be unduly lenient. It is now for the Court to decide whether to increase the sentence."

The victim was kept in a shed on the edge of Carlisle by Swailes' father for up to 40 years, who died before facing trial.

Swailes Jr had used the man for labour, paying him just £10 per day.

He then pleaded guilty to a human trafficking offence, on the basis of "limited" involvement.