Teenage gymnast from Lockerbie who's trained since she was six makes it to national competition

Sommer dean has trained 23 hours a week for the past decade Credit: ITV

A teenage gymnast from Lockerbie has made it to the Scottish Gymnastics Championships.

Sommer Dean, 16, has been training 23 hours a week for the past ten years to make it to where she has today.

She said: "It has always been one of my biggest dreams to compete at Scottish Champs and to just make it happen was just the best.

"What's next? God knows! Go again for it next year, hopefully, a medal. I made the beam final but unfortunately couldn't compete so hopefully I'll make more finals and see where that takes me."

During Covid restrictions, the gym where Sommer trains was hit hard.

Head Coach, Steven McKinnel said: "Before Covid we were up to about 300 [gymnasts], we lost a lot during the pandemic, we lost over a 100 and after the pandemic, we have got them back up to nearly 400 members again, so we are starting to strive again, so hopefully Sommer competing at this level will bring more gymnasts in and bring success to the club."

Sommer's dad Paul has supported her throughout her training over the last ten years.

He hopes that she'll go on to compete in international competitions such as the Olympics.

He said: "For me Commonwealth Games first then to Olympics, that's the dream - we always said try and live your dream, we know with a lot of hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

"We have always said it and always believed it, so hopefully, that's where she will aim for - there's a long way to go one step at a time."