Noah Wall defies the odds and turns 10 after being born with 2% of his brain function

Noah turned 10 on Sunday Credit: ITV News Border

Noah Wall from Cumbria has defied the odds and he celebrated his tenth birthday on Sunday after being born with just 2% of his brain function.

To celebrate his special day, he hosted a virtual party where others could get involved by printing out their own Hugs For Noah party decorations.

They could also celebrate Noah's birthday with him by posting photos and videos to social media.

Noah's parents Shelly and Rob were advised to abort him when scans revealed he had spina bifida and Hydrocephalus but they were still determined to have him.

During the coronavirus lockdowns, Noah and his family stayed inside for more than 100 days in order to protect Noah from catching Covid.

However, the family took this as an opportunity to spend time together.

The only time they left the house was when Noah needed to go to the RVI for an operation on his teeth after he fell out of his wheelchair.