Copeland mayor urges approval of west Cumbrian coal mine to go ahead

Mike Starkie thinks the coal mine plans should go ahead

The mayor of Copeland is urging the approval of a west Cumbrian coal mine.

Mike Starkie has written to Levelling-Up boss Michael Gove urging him to put the plans in action to reduce the need to import from Russia.

Mr Starkie said: “I am writing to both the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and Minister for The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, Michael Gove, and asking them to expedite the decision on West Cumbria Mining and give it the go ahead as a matter of urgency.

"In 2020 we imported 1.6 metric tonnes of coal from Russia. Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, all import coal from Russia. It’s going to get caught up in the sanctions.

The plans have mixed views Credit: ITV

"The war in Ukraine will increase the financial burden on U.K. families and the already emerging cost of living crisis.

"Opening the mine will, in west Cumbria, alleviate some of that pressure through the creation of new well-paid jobs that will, in the long term, support the government's much vaunted Levelling-Up agenda."

However, the plans have been met with some opposition due to the impact the emissions will have on the environment.