Covid outbreak suspends visiting at Hawick Community Hospital

Free Covid tests would no longer be available to the general public under the government's new plans.
Credit: PA
There has been a Covid outbreak at Hawick Community Hospital Credit: PA

Hawick Community Hospital is closed to admissions with all but essential visiting suspended due to a Covid-19 outbreak.

The current visiting restrictions are in place to reduce unnecessary footfall to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The situation will be kept under regular review with visiting restrictions being eased as soon as it is safe to do so.

Examples of "essential visiting" include:

· A person receiving end-of-life care – we expect this to be defined as flexibly and compassionately as possible, to support patients at the end of life spending meaningful time with their loved ones in their final days, weeks or months

· To support someone with a mental health issue, or dementia, or a learning disability or autism - where not being present would cause the patient to be distressed

· In general situations when someone is receiving information about life-changing illness or treatments

· In these and other similar situations where support from another person is essential for advocacy and wellbeing, family support should be facilitated.

To book a visiting slot you need to get in touch with the hospital team via phone or their website.